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 Sciteck Oral Fluid Collection Video



Regulatory Requirements: Sciteck Clinical Laboratory is one of the largest oral fluid testing laboratories in the country. Sciteck's forensic workplace and clinical drug testing methods and procedures meet or exceed CLIA, FDA, CAP Clinical, and CAP Forensic Drug Testing requirements. Our proprietary oral fluid and urine testing technology and development using state of the art GCMS and LCMSMS-Triple Quad instruments enabling us to provide the leading edge testing for our customers.




Sciteck® is CAP Forensic Drug Testing (FDT) CAP and CLIA/HHS Accredited as Follows:

CAP LogoCLIA logo


CAP Oral Fluid FDT

7211231 CAP Cert





 7211231 CAP Cert




CAP Clinical Laboratory

7173101 CAP Cert




HHS CLIA Certified

  34D0987682 CLIA Cert



 Sciteck is also DATIA Accredited



Oral Fluid Collection Using Sciteck's Oral Fluid Collection Device

Sciteck's Patented Split Oral Fluid Collector

Saliva Split Collector Insert

 Sciteck's "New" Split Collector and Benefits

  Sciteck's Split Collector Device Instructions

 Why is Saliva Drug Testing Better than Urine

 Learn More About Oral Fluid Testing with Sciteck



Visit Our FAQ Page or Contact Us at 800.905.4272 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any questions!


Update Sciteck's Website: We are continually updating our sites to keep up with the latest technology can provide. Please use "The Latest Versions of Internet Explorer (versions 9 through 11) to view the current login page. If you have any additional suggestions for improvements to the "My Online Lab Log In" page or our website please let us know. We will continue to be proactive on keeping the website fast, secure and efficient. For more information or a copy of our "Log-In User Guide", e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us at 800-905-4272 / 828-650-0409.


In development is Sciteck’s proprietary paperless web-based digital Chain-of-Custody Form is designed to help you improve your Collection Process. Once you’ve logged in through our secure socket, you can fill out the Chain-of-Custody online in pre-populated fields which will save time, money and cut down on errors that can cause "Fatal Flaws".



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