Forensic Workplace Drug Testing


Sciteck® Clinical Laboratories, Inc. has met all applicable Standards for Accreditation and Certifications and is fully accredited by the College of American Pathologist (CAP) as a Forensic Drug Testing Laboratory and Clinical Laboratory "The Gold Standard for Drug Testing" in the United States. In addition, Sciteck® is Federally Certified by the HHS through its CLIA Certification for Toxicology. Sciteck® has also received Certification as a DATIA collection site and holds DEA and NC Controlled Substances Certificates for its drug testing facility in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. 

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7211231 CAP Cert Sciteck Clinical Laboratory Forensic Drug Testing (FDT) Accreditation

CAP logoSciteck Clinical Laboratory FDT Classification for Oral Fluid and Urine  

7173101 CAP Cert Sciteck Clinical Laboratory Accreditation

CAP logoSciteck Clinical Laboratory Classification for Toxicology

34D0987682 CLIA Cert    Federal HHS CLIA Certification 

CAP logo Sciteck Clinical Laboratories Accreditation Press Release 042613
CAP logoSciteck Foresic Drug Testing Laboratory Accreditation Press Release 2012

Sciteck Forensic Drug Testing Survey Certificate 2009   Sciteck Forensic Drug Testing Laboratory Survey Certificate 2012

Sciteck Forensic Drug Testing Survey Certificate 2009  Sciteck Clinical Laboratory Survey Certificate 2012

CAP logoSciteck Forensic Drug Testing and Clinical Laboratory Survey Certificate of Recognition Letter(s)

Sciteck DEA Certificate 2010  Sciteck DEA Certificate 2013

NC Controlled Substances Certificate 2010  NC Controlled Substances Certificate 2013