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COVID-19 Oral Fluid Testing Procedure for WORKPLACE

Thank you for choosing Sciteck as your Laboratory for Covid-19 Testing!

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Sciteck’s procedure for COVID-19 qRT-PCR Testing is as follows:

  1. If you are an employer needing Workplace COVID-19 Testing, we ask that you call us or email us for information and Account Setup details. We will send you our Account Setup Sheet at this time.
  1. Upon receipt of the completed Account Setup sheet, your Sciteck team will establish your account in our billing system and online results portal.
  2. Sciteck will discuss the amount of supplies you will need and discuss payment for services with you at that time.
  3. Sciteck will either gather supplies for you to pick up, or ship your supplies if you are not local. Supplies include oral fluid Salivettes, bio-bags, requisition forms, FedEx labels and packs, and instructions for collections.
  4. Employers will then bring or ship the specimens back to Sciteck for the laboratory to test and results will be reported back to the person(s) mentioned on the Account Setup form we originally received. All results can be found on



Testing COVID-19 Specifications

SARS‐CoV‐2 (COVID‐19) testing
 US Based CAP & CLIA accredited High Complexity Laboratory
 Samples Type for COVID‐19 viral testing: Oral Fluid
✔ Methodology: qRT‐PCR
 72 hour turnaround currently
 Highly personalized and specialized laboratory