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The "Walk A Miles In Her Shoes 2011" event took place on April 30th in downtown Asheville, NC. The event raises awareness of the plight of women, children and men who have been sexually abused, raped, molested, etc. The funds raised are use for counseling the victims and aiding in their recovery. Sciteck feels this is a noble cause as you can see it's CEO Jack Smith "Walking The Mile" in the following pictures.

Mr. Smith helped to raise money and hopes the event will continue in the years to come. All total the event was reported to have raised more than $20,000. A significant increase over the prior year.

PS: Mr. Smith says it's hard on the calves how do they do it?

Walk A Mile In Her Shoes

Walk A Mile Balance
Mr. Smith in the white hat a picture of balance and grace.

Walk A Mile Dog
Even the dogs were in support!

Walk a Mile pic of grace
The Band.