Forensic Workplace Drug Testing

Sciteck is proud to annouce the launch of it's new Saliva Split Collector:
Jan 21st 2011

Sciteck is the first fully CAP Accredited Forensic Drug Testing Laboratory for Oral Fluid (Saliva) and Urine fluids to have it first patent pending "Saliva Split Collector Device".

This is a significant leap in technology for Saliva Drug Testing. It offers a multitude of advantages over the old collection device for oral fluid.

This patent pending device will improve the saliva (oral fluid) collection procedure while greatly reducing some of the issues with the current collecting method and device.

Benefits of the new Saliva Split Collector Device:

1. Removes “Fatal Flaws” due to inadequate sample volume collected resulting in:

a. No more charges for Fatal Flaws due to inadequate sample volume.
b. Reduces repeat collections saving time and money.

2. Improves drug recovery and expands the window of detection.
3. Automatically collects a split sample enhancing the Chain of Custody’s legal defensibility.
4. No more gloves required for the Donor.
5. No more direct contact with the cotton swab or saliva.
6.Eliminates the Donor’s ability to prevent saliva collection.

Our goal is launch delivery of the new collector during the month of February to all of our customers. By the end of the quarter continuing into April the transition should be completed and Sciteck will not be accepting any of the old collectors for screening.

The new Split Collector will come pre-packaged with everything you will need to perform the collection. The procedure is attached and a link will be provided on our web-site at for collection instructions and further details.

At Sciteck, we maintain a proactive approach by addressing our customer’s needs, improving technology and striving to provide the best customer service in the industry. This new device will save time and money while dramatically improving the legal defensibility your drug testing program.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at 800-905-4272 / 828-650-0407 / Fax: 828-650-2735.