Forensic Workplace Drug Testing

Webchain™ is a state of the art technoloogy that will allow our clients to significantly reduce their paperwork, fatal flaws and mistakes made during the collection process

Sciteck Clinical Laboratories is an Accredited and Certified Forensic Drug Testing Laboratory offering state of the art technology from it's patented saliva collection device to it's proprietary drug screening processes that use GCMS confirmation the "Gold Standard". Our current project is the development of an automated system that will allow our customers to log-in through our secure portal and enter all of the pertinent data needed to completely process the Donor and Collection information. This new method for specimen collection processing will remove all possible mistakes made on the Chain of Custody (e.g. spelling, time of collection, collector information) that can result in a Fatal Flaw.

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In development is Sciteck’s proprietary paperless web-based digital Chain-of-Custody Form is designed to help you improve your Collection Process. Once you've logged in through our secure socket, you can fill out the Chain-of-Custody online in pre-populated fields which will save time, money and virtually eliminate errors that can cause "Fatal Flaws". This alone will result in significant savings in time and money due to repeated collections.

Saliva Collection Device "New Split Collection" Introduction

Saliva Collection Device for the New Split Collector Process and Paperwork

Saliva Collection Device Process and Paperwork using Salivette


The Future

When the customer logs into the system through their desktop they will view a pre-populated Chain-Of-Custody (CCF) form that will look very similar to the Sciteck Saliva CCF form they are used to filling out.

Pre-populated Fields: For example when filling out the forms by hand the Collector has to fill in all of the purple highlighted areas. Some of the important areas are "Store Location", etc. When using the new WebChain™ this field will already be filled out.

Fatal Flaws due to Incomplete (e.g No Collector Information): The WebChain™ will not allow the user to hit the finish (end) button until all fields have been completed and fill out correctly preventing any fatal flaws due to these type of issues.

Sciteck's Mission

At Sciteck, we are proactive. By listening to our customers and asking the right questions, we will provide resources to insure an overall package of services that meets each Clients specific needs. Our number one concern is protecting your business and making sure that you are covered by reducing your Exposure, Risk and Liability.

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